Gunna and numerous other YSL affiliates were arrested under the Georgia RICO Act, which shook the hip-hop community to its core. Apart from a few leaked images and recordings of phone talks with family members, Gunna hasn’t been heard much lately. However, in a recent interview, criminal journalist George Chidi opened up on the latest updates in the ongoing YSL Gang Indictment case.

On September 23rd, according to a report, the “Pushin’ P” hitmaker’s involvement with a nurse who reportedly attempted to smuggle him drugs inside the prison and was caught in the act is simply “the tip of the iceberg” in terms of corruption among Georgia’s correctional officers.

During a different segment of the interview, Chidi particularly discussed the causes behind Gunna’s two bond denials with VladTV.

“In court, the District Attorney’s office argued that Gunna was somehow involved and they were deliberately vague, involved in two murders related to a crips gang in South Fulton called the Shady Park Crips.”

Chidi said that because the prosecution hasn’t made the discovery public, information is still limited. He admitted, “I can’t figure out which murders they’re talking about, or how Gunna might be involved.”

“I can’t find the agency that’s investigating that because it’s not the South Fulton police. They have categorically denied knowing anything about a connection between Gunna and their neighbourhood crip crew. It blindsided them as well.”

Prosecutors said during earlier court appearances, “He is a member of the Shady Park Crips out of South Fulton. He is under an investigation at this point in time by more than one law enforcement agency concerning at least two homicides committed by that gang during this time.”

At the time, Steve Sadow, the client’s attorney, stated that his client had no involvement with “so-called Shady Park Crips matters.”

You can check out the full VladTV interview down below. Keep an eye on Thirsty to get the latest updates.

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