Kanye West remains one of the biggest names in the world of hip-hop, but he is also a true genius when it comes to business as well. Kanye is currently engaged in a public battle with corporate giants Adidas and Gap. However, his partnership was once questioned by famous radio personality Sway Calloway and Kanye has recently admitted that he was right.

Calloway questioned the choice to team up Yeezy with Adidas in a now-iconic clip from his Sway In The Morning Interview from 2013 where the rapper flipped out saying “how Sway.” However, Kanye has finally accepted that Sway was actually correct.

When the radio host advised him to strengthen himself while questioning his choice to launch his Yeezy label sneakers with athleticwear giant Adidas, Kanye famously shouted “how Sway” repeatedly. Sway mentioned a failing fashion line he attempted to launch but Kanye was clearly not willing to listen to his advice.

“You ain’t got the answers, man! You ain’t got the answers. I’ve been doing this more than you; you ain’t got the answers!”


In the recent interview with Kanye on GMA on Wednesday, Linsey questioned whether Sway had been correct all along regarding doing it on your own. Ye finally acknowledged his mistake and grinned as he said, “I will go ahead and say Sway had the answer.”

Kanye provided some additional insight into his issues with the major retailers he has business relationships with. “It was all kind of a disregard for the voice of something that I co-created,” said the billionaire mogul.

“That means that I was there for some specific agenda, not for Yeezy Gap to be everything that it could be, or this dream that I had about what the Gap could be. It’s time for me to make my own thing.”

West’s interview with Good Morning America comes after his recent public fight with Adidas, which he claims stole his ideas and kept him out of the loop on the product’s marketing. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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