Tom Brady has found himself in a place he can’t get out of. His marriage with Gisele Bündchen has deteriorated over the past few weeks. Even amid this situation, Brady hopes to see Gisele attend the Buccs games.

On Sunday, the Buccaneers play the Green Bay Packers. Gisele Bündchen might watch the Buccaneers’ home opener, according to Tom Brady. Despite their marital problems related to his choice to come out of retirement, the model is anticipated to attend the game, Page Six reported.

A source reportedly said, “Gisele mostly only attends home games.” The model has always returned to Brady after their arguments have cooled down. As a result, Tom and his team are hopeful she will be back in the family box with their kid.

Bündchen left for Costa Rica following an “epic argument” about his choice to rejoin the NFL, Page Six exclusively reported. Brady remained in Tampa when she was seen last week in New York City. They’re conversing, but right now they’re largely talking about the kids and hopes to reconcile.

On September 25th, the Buccaneers will kick off at Florida’s Raymond James Stadium versus the Packers. Although they are now 2-0, their NFL season has not been without drama. Brady was seen chucking a tablet after a tough victory over the New Orleans Saints, which made this clear.

“I’ve got to be really mindful of that going forward and getting my emotions in a good place, so it allows me to be the best player I can be”

Reps for both Brady and Bündchen have repeatedly declined to comment. Looks like the strained couple has remained cordial for the sake of their kids.

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