Snooki is best known for her appearances on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore and for starring in Snooki & Jwoww and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Snooki garnered notoriety since her appearance on Jersey Shore in 2009, leading to several talk show appearances and a big social media following. Snooki recently explained why she chose not to highlight her marriage to Jionni LaValle on ‘Jersey Shore.’

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is an open book on Jersey Shore, but she likes to keep her relationship with Jionni LaValle private. “My husband, well, he hates being on TV,” Snooki said exclusively to HollywoodLife while promoting her partnership with Cheez-It for its Reality TV Collector’s Cheddition boxes.

So I was like, alright, I see that. I respect that. I think the fact that that aspect of my life isn’t shown is nice. It’s private and it’s just us. When I come home, I feel like it’s just us and I don’t feel like a lot of people are watching. It’s just different than everyone else that does have their spouse on, which is nice, but I feel like this is what works for us.

Snooki’s three children, Lorenzo, Giovanna, and Angelo, appear on-screen every now and then, but for good reason. “I don’t want my kids to get used to cameras,” Snooki admitted.


I want them to grow up to have the most normal life like I had. So here and there I’ll let the kids be on it, but not full time.

Despite her nearly 15 years on reality television, she claims that her role as a mother is the one aspect of her life that the cameras have failed to capture. “It’s so hard to get my kids to film because they’re so busy with sports and schools and sometimes they don’t want to do it, so I’m not going to force them,” she explained.

But I’m really trying to show more of my mommy side. Like, the chaos of my house! It’s not just me going on vacation and drinking. I’m actually a functioning mom at home and I kill it. I’d want to show more of that. I just have to get all three kids at home at the same time and I want them to want to “work” with mommy.

Snooki collaborated with Cheez-It to celebrate 30 years of reality television. In recognition of the partnership, the brand has created two collectible boxes, one with Snooki’s face and one with RuPaul’s. A limited number of boxes are available for pre-order at before the official release on Monday, September 19 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

They asked me and I was so honored. Cheez-It is literally my favorite snack when it comes to being a mom, and for my kids, it’s their favorite snack. It’s always in the pantry. So when I showed them my face on the box they were like, ‘Mom, you’re so cool.’ They wanted to take it and show all their friends. So I’m honored to be on the box, but also just to celebrate reality. Obviously reality is my life, so it’s cool.

A limited number of boxes will thereafter be available each day until September 23. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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