Paris Hilton seems to be experiencing one of the most anxious times of her life with her dog disappearing. She is now willing to give a big reward, without any questions asked, to any person who finds her pet, Diamond Baby.

The ‘This Is Paris’ podcast host revealed on Monday that her dog Diamond Baby had vanished. She shared the news with her fans alongside videos that showed precious moments between her and her cherished puppy. She is searching far and wide to find her lost pooch, as would be expected of any pet owner.

“I was at a photoshoot, and we’re moving houses and one of the movers must have left a door open. My family and friends have been helping me search high and low throughout my entire neighborhood and have gone door to door, but we still haven’t found her.”

Hilton is doing more than most pet owners would do to find her beloved pup. The DJ and businesswoman also said she hired a pet detective. They are researching drones that could help her locate Diamond Baby. “I’m doing everything in my power to get her back,” she said.

In the course of her search for the Chihuahua, Hilton promised that there will be a large prize for her return and NO questions asked. “Please, please, please email if you know ANYTHING, and please keep an eye out for my baby,” the hotel heiress concluded. According to her, the dog is a little skittish and will go belly up if you try to carry her.

Due to concern for her safety, Hilton was hesitant to make her quest for Diamond Baby public. But as time goes on, she becomes more and more frantic to find Diamond Baby. Anyone with information was urged to contact her at

Hilton’s concern about the pup seems to be very legit. Her actions to recover Diamond Baby safely by any means necessary sets her heart right. We can hope to see a positive outcome in the search for her.

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Anirban Biswas

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