Mike Lindell is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc., a manufacturing company of pillows, bedding, and slippers. Lindell is also a vocal supporter and advisor to former President Donald Trump. Mike recently disclosed that he can’t access his money after his phone was seized by the FBI.

After his phone was taken by the FBI, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell recently claimed that he no longer had access to accounts that allowed him to transfer money between businesses. Lindell told Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast that he manages multiple businesses from his phone. Lindell also stated that he would rather be arrested by the FBI than have his phone confiscated.

A video of this has since gone viral on social media after being shared by the Patriot Takes Twitter page. Since it was released on Monday, the video has received over 125,000 views. Lindell’s remarks come after he announced last week that he and his team will sue the FBI and the US government over the phone confiscation.

Lindell stated during the podcast: “[The FBI] didn’t care that [I run my entire business off of my phone]. Not only do I run five businesses off of it, I don’t use a laptop, I don’t use a computer, everything was on that phone.”


There were files on that phone that you can’t get through the cloud that were passwords. Some of those passwords allow me to wire money from different accounts back and forth. I need to look those passwords up in those files, I can’t get to those, Steve., I can’t get anything.

Then I’ve got media out there going ‘I called Mike on his phone number, and he must have got his phone back.’ No, I took the number and transferred it from the carrier to another phone but the phone is blank, it’s missing all these things. I would almost rather they arrested me than took my phone.

Lindell detailed the FBI seizure on his ‘The Lindell Report podcast’ days after it happened. Lindell stated that the incident occurred at Hardee’s fast-food restaurant in Iowa. He said that he tried to keep his phone but finally handed it up to FBI agents on the advice of his lawyer. Lindell also stated that the FBI agents he met with asked about Dominion Voting Systems, which he previously chastised for claims of rigging in the 2020 election.

Lindell claims he was also questioned about his ties with Mesa County, Colorado Clerk Tina Peters, who was charged with election tampering charges.  Lindell told the St. Paul Pioneer Press in Minnesota that after his phone was seized, FBI officials advised him that the seizure was “not about January 6.”

Let’s wait and see whether he ever gets it back. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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