Black Adam has got a tonne of interesting promoting materials as its October release date approaches. The buzz surrounding Black Adam has inspired many people’s creative ideas all across the world. Putting their own creativity to the forefront is Muckle Mannequins, who have molded The Rock into a shockingly realistic mannequin for Black Adam.

Muckle Mannequins recently took to their Instagram page to share pictures of a life-sized, realistic-looking Black Adam figure. The enormous statue’s “Resin- and Silicon head” is extraordinarily realistic and intricately sculpted, and it strongly matches Johnson. Other pictures of the figure show individuals posing with it, showing its enormity. This object will be on display in a few film theatres around the world.

This lifelike Black Adam figure adds to the fun ways in which Black Adam is being hyped up. Fans now have a pretty unique opportunity to get close to Johnson’s anti-hero because of the amazingly accurate facial characteristics on the statue.

It’s great to see fantastic efforts like these arise before the release of Black Adam, which Johnson has promised will signal a significant change in the DCEU going forward. When Black Adam opens in theatres next month, the real Johnson will soon be able to be seen on a large screen.

As for the Muckle Mannequins, the company sells life-size DCEU figures, including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Although the realistic Black Adam figure is not currently available for purchase, other figures that the company has created and advertised on Instagram are. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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