Jesse Williams and ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee are embroiled in one of the bitterest divorces in Hollywood. Williams is performing consecutive seasons on Broadway, and because of what appears to be a conflict with his ex-wife on the custody arrangement for their children, he is now requesting a judge to intervene.

The actor has filed new court documents to alter the custody arrangement that he and Aryn Drake-Lee settled on earlier this year when he was beginning his Spring run for the baseball play “Take Me Out.” At that time, they decided that he would have his children for four consecutive days each month in New York City.

Jesse requests to change that in the papers, which TMZ was able to obtain, given that he will be returning to Broadway in the fall for yet another performance in the production. He wanted the same arrangement, four consecutive days per month starting in October, but claims Aryn did not cooperate. As a result, he is taking the matter to court and is seeking a few further changes.

Jesse is asking him to bring his kids to New York City for four days in the week of October 7 through October 12 as well as four days over the Thanksgiving holiday. He also wants the same schedule to last until January.


It appears that that would be fine given he and Aryn agreed to a very similar arrangement back in March, but Jesse claims they are arguing again about the dates. He claims that Aryn is allegedly refusing his requests.

Jesse states that she will only agree to his dates if the kids do not need to travel to New York, which is problematic to Jesse because that is where he currently resides. He claims that Aryn is being unfair and trying to impose rules that will prevent him from seeing his children for over two months, and he is requesting a judge to help. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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