House of the Dragon is one of the biggest television hits on HBO currently. With growing ratings on a weekly basis and strong fanfare, the Game of Thrones franchise is alive and well. That being said, it’s not all roses and sunshine on the set.

In a recent interview with Newsweek. House of Dragon star Emily Carey wasn’t exactly excited to film sex scenes with her costar Paddy Considine due to their 30-year age difference. But she acted like a professional when describing the matter.

“We have an intimacy coordinator who was amazing,” the London native told the outlet. “Again, still being 17, the first scene that I read from the show was my sex scene and my intimacy scenes, that includes the scene where I’m bathing the king — anything that felt intimate was considered an intimacy scene, which I thought was great.”

This past Sunday’s episode Carey’s character, young Alicent Hightower, bathe Considine’s King Viserys Targaryen in a tub. Later on, Alicent is seen lying motionless as her much-older husband has sex with her. Even though she was thrown into the intimate scenes right off the bat, the actress felt very safe with the showrunners and production team.


“It scared me, because at that point I still hadn’t met Paddy, I didn’t know how much of a joy he was and how easy he was going to make [the scene], and all I saw was, you know, a 47-year-old man and me, [so] I was a bit concerned,” Carey explained. “And having that outlet of the intimacy coordinator, to be able to talk everything through and not be shunned, or not feel awkward, or not feel like, ‘Oh, this isn’t your job. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable but can I ask you…’ It was never any of that, it was just that open dialogue.”

“[It was] a lot easier than I thought it was going to be,”

Carey had never seen the main Game of Thrones series before signing on for its spinoff. She was concerned about the possibility of violent sex, but the showrunners reassured her they won’t be aggressive violence towards women on the show.

“I’ve never seen Game of Thrones before, and so in the pre-production period I sat down to try and watch [it] and of course the first season, even just the first episode of Thrones, there’s a lot of violence upon women,” the Casualty alum said. “There’s a lot of violent sex and it made me nervous. I was like, ‘Oh, God, what am I gonna have to do in this show?’”

That is the habit of Game of Thrones and the violence and graphic sex is not made for everyone. Obviously this was a tricky situation, but fans will attest to the belief that it all turned out okay.

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Andre Porter

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