Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos have a lot of issues with each other, and it’s been that way for a good while. Their issues went up a notch now as Elon is attacking Bezos’ new franchise cash cow.

The Tesla CEO and founder wrote on Twitter that the men on Amazon’s new hit series, The Ring of Power, a spin-off from The Lord of the Rings franchise, were portrayed as weak and jerks, Musk even went so far to say that J.R.R. Tolkien is spinning in his grave based on the depictions of the characters in the show.

“Tolkien is turning in his grave, “Almost every male character so far is a coward, a jerk or both. Only Galadriel is brave, smart and nice.”

Some within the “Lord of the Rings” fandom are upset with the show for turning Galadriel, played by Cate Blanchett in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy as a serene and regal elf, into a full-blown action hero. Galadriel is played by Morfydd Clark in the Amazon series. Clark her interpretation of the character with Variety.

I would say that her serenity is hard earned. I don’t think you get to that level of wisdom without going through things. She actually speaks about [how] with wisdom, there is a loss of innocence, which was a really good thing for me to find in the lore. Because, like, how young are you when you’re still thousands of years old? So it was thinking of what innocence she lost during this time.”

Clark continued, “The elves by the Third Age have evolved to a certain degree. The elves in the First Age are really messy and screw each other over a lot, and fight and mock each other also. They are the history of Middle Earth, and so they are forever changing. It was really interesting for all of us playing canon characters to be exploring how these characters become what we know them to be.”

Musk and Bezos have been feuding publicly for several years, so it’s not a surprise to see the former be so critical of Amazon’s “The Rings of Power.” Their rivalry currently extends to their competing spaceflight businesses, Musk’s SpaceX and Bezos’ Blue Origin.

What do you think of Musk’s opinions of the show? Sound off in the comments!

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