Joe Rogan remains one of the most popular celebrities in recent memory. Rogan is never afraid to speak his mind and dive deep into more uncomfortable topics. Rogan didn’t shut down the idea of having the contentious British-American Andrew Tate on his podcast.

A couple of weeks after the controversial influencer Andrew Tate was kicked off Instagram, equally popular podcast presenter Joe Rogan gave his opinion on the whole ordeal. In the most recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the New Jersey native entertainer sat down with Bryan Callen, Eddie Bravo, and Brendan Schaub to talk about a variety of topics, including the British-American actor’s career-long exclusion from various social media platforms.

The host acknowledged that Tate “f-cked up with the misogynist things,” even if he can see why his material appealed to a younger audience. Rogan claimed that the 35-year-old would not have had to deal with being de-platformed if he had continued to use “pro-male” and “pro-accountability” messages.

If you just concentrate entirely on your feelings you’re not going to get anywhere and that’s true. That’s a good lesson for people to learn. Look, he plays part of it like a character, and part of it is legit world champion kickboxer, who is a hard man, who doesn’t buy any p*ssy bullshit and that’s what’s resonating with young people.

Even if Rogan doesn’t share Tate’s ideals, he firmly believes that the world needs controversial personalities like him. The host told Andrew Shulz, “Toxic masculinity, what that means is, ‘Oh, you mean the men that carved the world.’ You do need them, you just don’t think that you need them because you don’t need them right now. Now Russia has them, China is making them more masculine.” Listen to The Joe Rogan Experience’s complete episode below.

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