Kanye West is no stranger to throwing social media tantrums against people he hates. Ye previously made scathing posts about Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, and his latest Instagram rant is all about Adidas. However, there is also a post where Kanye praises The Game and Pusha T.

Kanye West collaborated with The Game on many projects this year, including “Eazy” and “Fortunate” off Game’s newest album Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind. Amid his recent Instagram blitz, Ye took a minute to honor not just his musical collaboration with Game, but also Pusha T. Ye posted a screenshot of the Drillmatic cover art on Sunday, September 4th.

Need to shoot a video. Me have game have never missed Like literally have never missed Just like me and Pusha.

Kanye West’s post was made while he was calling out 16 Adidas employees. Much like he did in 2013 with former Nike CEO Mark Parker. On September 1, Ye targeted Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted posting another mock New York Times cover “announcing” Rørsted’s death. The rant continued over the weekend, but Instagram forced him to delete other postings targeting Adidas SVP Daniel Cherry and members of the Adidas Supervisory board.

So Ye re-posted them, but with sarcastic captions like “good vibes” and “sure is positive.” As Kanye explained under a photo of Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Investment Banking at Chase Bank Jing Ulrich: “God bless everyone Instagram please don’t take down this post I’m simply and kindly bringing light to the fact that Jing Ulrich is on the board of adidas and JP Morgan Chase : ) There’s nooooo reason this post should get flagged.”

Last week, Ye was upset with the Gap, accusing the company of stealing his designs and holding “secret” meetings without him. He alleges the same thing regarding Adidas. “I have no chill,” he said in a since-deleted post.

It’ going to cost you billions to keep me. It’s going to cost you billions to lose me. You stole my fucking designs amongst other things. I’ll give you to Tuesday. I’m not waiting 7 months to leave like the breach letter I sent you refers to.

It’s up now. I’m going to make things unbearable. And I promise I’ve only been playing nice. I know eeeeeeverything I promise. The fake shoes you sold behind my back in China. Eeeeeverything.

However, the Gap isn’t off the hook. In another post, Kanye promised he’d turn his attention back to them soon enough.

When I’m the head of adidas, who should be my first hire. Gap I’ll get to you next week. adidas is my focus for the weekend. While on my way to see the Weeknd. Anybody don’t like me. I’ll be at the concert with no security. This is your perfect chance. Come get me.

If you go to Kanye’s account, you’ll see that it’s full of weird posts against Adidas. You may go now and witness it before he deletes everything. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

Do you find his posts amusing or troubling? Let us know in the comments!

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