Pat Stay, the Canadian battle rapper who called out The Game for desperately seeking Eminem’s attention, was recently stabbed to death. Right now, the whole hip-hop industry is in shock. One of hip-hop’s biggest names, Eminem, offered his tribute.

Eminem is one of many people who are grieving the death of Canadian battle rapper Pat Stay, who was fatally stabbed on Sunday morning in Fairfax, Nova Scotia. Several hours after the tragic news started spreading on social media, Slim Shady, who came up in the battle circuit, tweeted his respect for Stay. ‘King’s Never Die,’ one of his most well-known songs, served as his tribute.

Hip Hop lost one of the best battlers of all time. RIP @patstay … KINGS NEVER DIE!!

According to CBC News, Stay’s brother, Peter Stay, confirmed his passing after Halifax Regional Police initially failed to identify Stay as the victim. Police were dispatched to the 1600 block of Lower Water Street at 12:36 with reports of a stabbing, where they discovered Stay. He was brought to a nearby hospital, where he ultimately died from his injuries at just 36 years old.

The incident reportedly happened in a local bar. Stay accused The Game of being “desperate” for Eminem’s attention when he dropped “The Black Slim Shady” diss track a few weeks before the fatal accident. He expected Game to respond, and he was prepared with a retort, but it never happened. So Stay decided to create his own diss track directed at The Game just a few days ago.

After I called out Game a couple weeks ago and it view up all over the media, TMZ etc. I hit the studio and recorded this song. I’ve had in in the chamber for a good minute now and wasn’t going to release it unless he fired at me but F it, this song goes too hard to not let y’all hear it. plus the video is INSANE.

Hopefully, a tragedy like this never happens again in hip-hop music. We extend our heartfelt condolences to Pat Stay’s family, friends, and fans. RIP.

Shivangini Rawat

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