The Game dropped quite a long song called The Black Slim Shady, as part of his recent Drillmatic album. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the track was a diss at the Real Slim Shady, but Eminem hasn’t spoken out just yet about things. That won’t stop those close to The Game from talking about the song-making process.

A lot of fans had differing opinions about the Black Slim Shady track. One overwhelming opinion is that the song is incredibly long. It turns out that The Game was told this ahead of time, but he really didn’t care.

While chatting with Adam22 on No Jumper, Wack 100 revealed that he actually told The Game that his Black Slim Shady song was too long when it was three minutes shorter than the finished product. The Game added that extra time almost to go against the advice from Wack.

“I was against [the song], it was 7 minutes, 7 minutes, the song — I’ll tell you how it ended up 10. I come in the studio and I’m like, ‘that’s 7 minutes, what the f*ck you doing?’ Game says, ‘too long?’ I’m like, ‘yeah, way too long.’ He said, ‘all right come back in a couple of hours I’ll fix it.'”

“I come back in a couple of hours and he played it and the 7 minutes went to 10 minutes. He says, ‘you still think it’s too long?’ and I said, ‘no, it’s perfect.’ But, he proved me wrong, because that song, I believe it was the number two streaming song on the album.”

The Game and Eminem’s beef isn’t lightening up, and that epic diss track really won’t help matters at all. It’s also interesting to know that if it weren’t for Wack 100, then fans would have missed out on three minutes of that incredibly lengthy tune.

Transcription by Thirsty

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