Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle want to destroy each other, and there’s no arguing that. The two superstars have been at war with each other since The Visionary destroyed The Original Bro at Madison Square Garden. Rollins recently said they can definitely get inspired from the DC and Jon Jones UFC feud story.

Rollins is a huge fan of DC and watches every UFC pay-per-view. During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Rollins said that he initially missed their UFC fight. He later checked it out when he was watching a live event on the East Coast. Rollins agreed that it will “work perfectly” for their current plot.

It slipped though the cracks. I mean, I’m a big DC fan. I watch all the UFC pay-per-views and hyped for the John Jones DC fight. And so it’s one of those build-ups that slipped off through for whatever reason. And somebody just was like, ‘Hey, you ever seen this? I think it would work really good for you guys.’ And so I was like, ‘Yeah I’ll take a look at it.’ Not really thinking anything of it. I was on a live event somewhere in the east coast and checked it out. I was like, ‘Oh wow! Yeah, we can definitely use that for out story here.’

For the past few months, Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle have been involved in a fierce feud. Seth Rollins attacked Riddle’s actual divorce on this week’s broadcast of Monday Night RAW during a contentious interview session.

Matt Riddle will be squaring off against Seth Rollins at WWE Clash at the Castle. We will have to wait and see whether it will turn out to be a great match or not, as fans are very excited about it. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get latest news and updates.

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