OnlyFans memberships and content producers increased during the pandemic lockdown as people discovered new revenue streams. The website already proved to be a successful base for sex workers and porn stars, but stars from other walks of life soon discovered that posting private photos or exclusive content might earn them great bucks. Blac Chyna is reportedly making the most money on OnlyFans, which appears to be a cash cow for the platform’s creators.

Variety recently reported OnlyFans’ financial results for 2021. It was noted that the company’s net revenue climbed 160% to $932 million and the company achieved pre-tax profits of $433 million, that is up from $61 million in 2020, its highest yearly growth in earnings. With 2 million creators, a 34% rise, and 188 million subscribers, a 128% increase, it is stated that in that year, creators made $3.6 billion in profits.

Blac Chyna was identified in the report as the platform’s highest-paid celebrity. Bella Thorne comes in second with $11 million per month, according to OF, earning $20 million per month. Cardi B is third, making $9.34 million every month. Both Rubi Rose and Bhad Bhabie have boasted in the past about the millions of dollars they have been generating on the platform.

The court battle between Blac Chyna and the Kardashians became one of the most highly discussed topics in the past couple of months. The ugliness from both sides was on full display as many rumors were confirmed as well. Blac Chyna also landed herself a role in a new movie.

Chyna landed the role in a new film called “Secret Society 2.” She will be portraying a publicist named Vicki, who specializes in crisis management. Everything seems to be going well for Chyna since the trial. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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