Kevin Bacon is a huge veteran of Hollywood. What many don’t know is that he is also a musician who often performs songs and takes to social media to post them. He did it recently after covering Beyonce’s hit ‘Heated.’

Bacon performed the song at his animal farm. While his performance was great, it was still expected to be standard. What fans didn’t consider is that he would get an assist from a goat as he performed the hit.

The star took to Instagram in order to show off how his goat stole the show while he performed the majority of the performance. Goats are a leading part of his performances, as he posted it with the hashtag #GoatSongs.

Bacon was just performing the song on the guitar. However, he had a lot of goats around him. One of the goats got very interested in his performance, and just tried to nibble at his strings. That was enough to be recognized as an act of assistance.

Kevin Bacon on Instagram

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Nitish Vashishtha

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