Ciara is currently one of the most in-demand singers in the industry right now. The Atlanta singer not only has a solid career, but she is always there to support her husband, Russell Wilson, at his games. Ciara recently brought the heat in as she slipped her toned frame into a skimpy leotard

Ciara recently uploaded many behind-the-scenes photos from the production of the music video for her most recent single, Jump, to her Instagram page. The 36-year-old artist strutted about the stage with her backup dancers while flaunting her flawless physique in all its glory.

The Beautiful Shades of US #JUMP 🤎

Jump serves as the first single from the eagerly anticipated eighth studio album by the hitmaker. In one picture, Ciara’s sculpted arms were raised over her head, revealing her figure-hugging dress. The Grammy Award-winning singer wore her stunning locks in braids that fell to her waist.

Her backup dancers in the video all wore similar clothes while working on the video. On July 8, Jump and its official music video were made available to the general audience. Ciara and her backup dancers performed a variety of moves while switching between approximately 15 different places in the video.

The hitmaker and her group received acclaim for dressing differently depending on the situation. Both critics and the singer’s followers have since paid close attention to the documentary. Ciara’s first single in two years includes Coast Contra.

Her previous single, Rooted, appeared in 2020. Beauty Marks, her most recent studio album, was released to the public in 2019. The singer eventually started writing her following record and declared that she had concluded this past May on her impending eighth studio album. Check out the photos below.

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