While Ciara has been open about how she got lucky with Russell Wilson, it looks like Russell Wilson won over his wife with his words when they first met.

Russell, an NFL star, recently made an appearance on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio. He was asked, “I want to know the line, in your mind, that made you bag Ciara? What was the line that got her to go out on a date with you?”

Wilson then revealed that the two of them were silent on their date for more than three hours on their date and then it was he who made the first move. To set the scene, he took out his wallet and placed it on the table during the interview.

Then Wilson recounted how, at the time, he had a “broke down” wallet that he had been carrying for a while. “I had this wallet,” Wilson started, “It was broke down. It was tore up. I’d had it for a while.” 

Looking at the wallet, Ciara immediately said, “You’re losing with that,” to which Wilson assured her, “With me, you’re never losing.”

He further went on to say, ” “That wallet show consistency, that’s what you’re going to get from me… Somebody that’s going to be consistent for you everyday.”

Fans were blown away by his response and the hosts of the podcasts also joked that they should learn from Russell who has been married for six years now.

Check out the entire clip below!

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