At one time, Shia Lebouf was considered the next best thing in Hollywood. Sadly, his reckless behavior was his downfall in the business to the point that no studio or director really wants to work with him these days. That being said, this latest issue doesn’t come as a surprise.

Variety spoke with Director Olivia Wilde where she said the former Disney star violated her “no asshole policy” on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, and he was “not an easy guy to work with” and “displayed poor behavior and his style clashed with cast and crew.” Wilde confirmed to Variety all the rumors from the set, and his approach to acting didn’t mesh well with everyone else on the film set.

“I say this as someone who is such an admirer of his work. His process was not conducive to the ethos that I demand in my productions. He has a process that, in some ways, seems to require a combative energy, and I don’t personally believe that is conducive to the best performances.”

“I believe that creating a safe, trusting environment is the best way to get people to do their best work,” she added.


“Ultimately, my responsibility is to the production and to the cast to protect them. That was my job.”

LaBeouf was replaced in the film by Harry Styles and shortly afterward, FKA Twigs sued him for abuse. Shia LaBeouf denied the allegations and then entered inpatient treatment last year.

“A lot came to light after this happened that really troubled me, in terms of his behavior,” added Wilde. “I find myself just really wishing him health and evolution because I believe in restorative justice. But for our film, what we really needed was an energy that was incredibly supportive. Particularly with a movie like this, I knew that I was going to be asking Florence to be in very vulnerable situations, and my priority was making her feel safe and making her feel supported.”

“Don’t Worry Darling” hits theaters on September 23ed, 2022. Should be the talk of the fall. Shia LeBeouf is not a part of the film’s finished product, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him.

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Andre Porter

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