Gary Busey is considered as one of the most talented and famed actors in the industry. Gary has been charged with sexual assault, but he asserts that the women are lying while claiming that he did not sexually assault anyone.

TMZ reported that Gary Busey vehemently disputes the accusations that he sexually harassed anyone and asserts his accusers made up the entire incident. When asked if he had any regrets about his behavior at the Monster Mania convention in New Jersey over the weekend while Busey was in Malibu on Monday, the actor replied that he had none because he had done nothing wrong.

Busey was charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual contact and harassment after it was claimed that he asked a woman where she got her breasts while putting his face close to hers. He allegedly tried to unlatch her bra strap, according to the woman.

A second woman alleged that he grabbed her butt. Police received a call from a man who claimed that Busey had also grabbed his daughter’s butt. Nothing happened, Busey told the photographer. Busey claimed that the women made up the story after the fact and that the entire interaction with them lasted less than 10 seconds.


Busey also asserted that he has witnesses, including a photographer and his partner, who can corroborate his claims. Gary denied there was any chance of that when the photographer asked if it was possible he might have behaved inappropriately but wasn’t aware of it.

However, Busey’s arraignment is set for August 31. Let’s see what the court rules on this sexual abuse serious matter. What do you think? Is he truly at fault for the accusations? Let us know in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates

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