Jake Paul has proven himself time and again. However, he’s been unable to find any compelling opponents for his next fight. While he was all set to fight Tommy Fury, it didn’t come to fruition. Similarly, he was scheduled to fight Hasim Rahman Jr. and faced disappointment there as well.

Rick Ross seems to have the solution to Paul’s opponent problem. While taking to Instagram, Ross says that he would throw $10 million on top of the initial compensation to draw in big fighters who are looking for a massive payday.

Since everyone seems to be afraid to fight @jakepaul I’m down to put another 10 million on top to make the right match happen. What fight would you want to see? We talking big s### on the homie podcast so stay tuned.

Jake Paul wants a fight as early as October. While there are no signs of an opponent, Paul aspires to fight against a professional boxer. He’s never faced off against a real boxer before, though he’s faced plenty of MMA fighters like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

My next opponent will be a pro boxer and of course he will have a winning record just like Timmy and Ramen did before they pulled out. October.

Jake Paul certainly has a major ambition for his next fight. Rick Ross’ $10 million, should Paul choose to accept, would do a lot of good. Not only would that attract big names, but big boxers as well.

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