Perhaps no other musician is as notorious as Eminem, when it comes to including controversial matter in their work. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most platforms censor Em’s songs to some extent.

Fortnite is no exception. Especially keeping in mind that a significant portion of the game’s player base is made up of children, it makes total sense for Fortnite to avoid potentially offensive content. However, Fortnite has taken censorship to another level.

Skylar Grey noted that the track “Walk on Water,” featuring Beyoncé had been censored, albeit in an unexpected way. The lines “I walk on water / But I ain’t no Jesus” had had “Jesus” muted.

Why did they mute Jesus? Is that a bad word now too?

In addition, the word “devil” has also been removed from the track “Venom.” While this may seem a bit excessive, it seems that Fortnite is determined to censor everything that can be deemed even slightly risky.

You can check out Skylar’s Instagra story below. Odds are they censored Eminem’s music because Fortnite is frequented by children. Still, some would argue that they went a bit overboard.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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Abhishek Kar

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