The Game recently threw an epic party to celebrate teh release of his new album, “Drillmatic.” Amongst those in attendance, of course, was producer and frequent collaborator, Hit-Boy.

Hit-Boy produced six of the tracks that appear on Drillmatic, perhaps the best known of which is “The Black Slim Shady,” a diss track aimed at Eminem. However, this collaboration has put Hit-Boy in a bit of an awkward position.

In a conversation with Rap Sheet Hollywood, Hit-Boy revealed that he had made the beat as an homage to Eminem. In fact, the producer thought that The Game intended to make the track as a tribute to Eminem.

“The Black Slim Shady” sh*t, the first half – [The Game] is paying homage to Slim. That was the idea. I love The Game, I love Eminem too! At the end of the day, you know, he started going kind of crazy on the second half. I didn’t do the second half. I gave him a batch of beats, it was on the back of other fire sh*t. I go back to my session, I’m chopping samples, I’m kicking it for hours, I go back to this sh*t — he got “The Black Slim Shady” over my beat! And then he ended up at the second half, where he really went on. But my first half, that’s straight just paying homage to Slim.


It certainly seems like there was a lapse in communication between The Game and Hit-Boy. What makes the diss track even more confusing is that even lyrically, the track is filled with references to Eminem’s work.

For someone who claims to not listen to Eminem, it certainly seems like The Game did his homework for the diss track. Check out Hit-Boy’s interview below.

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