Vince McMahon was the CEO of WWE for several years and ruled the company with an iron fist. Everything that went on in the company went through him, especially the scripts. McMahon is also getting a huge documentary soon.

McMahon was the focus of several headlines back in June after it was revealed that he secretly paid $3 million as a settlement to a departing employee. The former Chairman stepped down and retired from WWE after the scandals finally caught up with him. Triple H was then made the Creative head of the company. Now, even more money is coming up with interesting earmarks, and $5 million was also linked to Donald Trump’s foundation.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer recently revealed that a big documentary on Vince McMahon is in the works. This documentary is not being made by WWE. Meltzer noted that there are a million stories that can be covered in that documentary even without company participation.

The Vince one is one of the biggest stories of our lifetime… By the way, there’s a big doc about to be done on Vince. Not made by WWE, yeah. You don’t need wrestling footage, there’s so much news footage and there are million stories. There’s so much to that story.


McMahon was under investigation because of the scandals, and he had to retire. It was later revealed that McMahon also paid $12 million in hush money to quite a few women over the last twenty years, In the end, this proved to be the nail in the coffin for McMahon as he retried right after this. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get updates on this documentary.

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