Aubrey O’Day said she was leaving the United States to begin a “new life” abroad in 2021. However, she has now drawn criticism for reportedly photo-shopping her photographs to give the appearance that she is on exotic holidays around the globe.

The former Danity Kane member reportedly uploaded pictures from her allegedly faked vacation on her newly private Instagram profile. The photographs, which appeared on the singer’s Instagram grid, feature the blond beauty striking sensual postures on breathtakingly picture-perfect beaches, donning body-con cut-out apparel amid tropical jungles, and performing difficult yoga poses on scenic rocks.

A majority of the pictures were taken in Bali, Indonesia, according to O’Day’s geotags. That being said, social media users don’t seem to accept it as fact. According to TikToker @residualdata, whose real name is Sophie, the pop sensation allegedly “went on this vacation around Bali by just Photoshopping herself into pictures.”

Sophie said,

“It’s truly, like, every single picture. I don’t even know if she went to Indonesia, like, at all.”

Sophie picked particular images to analyze, including the one in which the artist was seen swinging from bungee cords attached to palm trees while donning an elegant red dress and gazing at a waterfall. “She either just steals content from other content creators or Photoshops herself onto random promotional images,” Sophie alleged.

The “Making the Band” alum adds thoughtful captions to her fake posts. But Sophie is not the only one trolling the singer, Instagram users have been criticizing the musician’s social media activities for months.

However, Sophie makes the serious point that O’Day’s reportedly faked images can contribute to users’ declining self-esteem. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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Smita Singha Roy

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