Holly Madison was part of the Girls Next Door reality TV series, a show based on the lives of Playboy playmates. The show was specifically about those girls who were in a relationship with Hugh Hefner. Holly Madison recently disclosed that Hugh Hefner had “recruiter” girlfriends who would introduce fresh girls to events at the Playboy Mansion.

On Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast this week, the former Playboy Playmate gave a frank interview about her time spent working with the late Hefner. The model resided there from the early 2000s until her breakup with Hefner in 2008.

The topic of the use of Quaaludes, a prescription sedative drug that was widely used as recreational drugs in the 1970s and 1980s, in the Playboy Mansion came up. Madison added that although drug usage was widespread in the mansion, she believes that by 2003 or 2004, narcotics were no longer being distributed to the Playmates since there were no longer any “recruiter” girls in the area.

I feel like it was around like 2003 2004 and I feel like it’s because we didn’t have a girl in a group who was like a recruiter anymore. Like a Ghislaine Maxwell-type person.

Maxwell went on trial in late 2021 for a number of sex trafficking acts she allegedly committed with Jeffrey Epstein at his residences in Florida, New York, and New Mexico between 1994 and 2004. She was charged with assisting him in obtaining kids, including a 14-year-old who was sexually abused. Check out the video below.

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