Goldberg finally signed with WWE in 2003. Many fans yearned for new matches involving the former WCW Champion. While some of those dream matches came true, such as Goldberg vs. The Rock, one that did not was Goldberg vs. arguably the biggest WWE star of the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Now, Goldberg has explained why the WWE match with Steve Austin never took place.

“There’s no question that I wish it would’ve happened,” WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg said while on “Talk is Jericho.” He went on to lament about his missed match with Stone Cold and why it never went down.

“That was the match to have. Why it never happened, I think 90% of the reasoning behind that was [Austin’s] neck issues and my finishing moves, right? Whether it be the spear, whether it be the Jackhammer, I don’t think that those are moves that he would’ve wanted to, wanted to do, nor would his boss would’ve wanted him to do. I think it was a safety issue more so than anything.”

Goldberg’s two most famous moves are the Spear and the Jackhammer, which he famously delivers with high impact and velocity. Some have accused the former football player of being dangerous inside the squared circle. Many dreamed of seeing the Stone Cold Stunner vs The Spear, but it wasn’t in the cards.


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