Cobra Kai, the spinoff to The Karate Kid film series, has received a lot of praise from critics and fans alike. Fans are super hyped for season 5. A brand-new Cobra Kai season 5 trailer gives viewers their first look at John Kreese’s comeback and teases a potential fight between Terry Silver and Daniel LaRusso.

The Karate Kid sequel series has grown in popularity thanks to new seasons exclusively streaming on Netflix in recent years. With Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso, and John Kreese at the center of Cobra Kai’s struggle, the show has long centered on characters from the original film. Numerous other well-known characters have reappeared over the years.

Cobra Kai season 4 even had Terry Silver, who was brought back and built up to be the season 5 antagonist. Cobra Kai season 5’s plot reveals have persisted throughout Netflix’s advertising campaign. Cobra Kai’s victory at the All-Valley Tournament has made Silver’s desire to spread his karate dojo throughout California a reality.

Additionally, Mike Barnes’ return was recently revealed via the Cobra Kai season 5 marketing materials. A brand-new Cobra Kai season 5 trailer has just been made available on Netflix. It contains some intriguing hints about what to expect, including the first glimpse of Kreese’s comeback.

The trailer once again emphasized Cobra Kai’s increasing power as well as Daniel and Johnny giving up their Sensei careers. This won’t last long because they’ll collaborate with Chozen to try to halt Cobra Kai, which suggests a confrontation between LaRusso and Silver. Kreese isn’t depicted in jail until the very last seconds of the latest Cobra Kai season 5 trailer. Check the trailer below.

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