Drake is a veteran musician, and he knows his worth more than anyone else ever could understand. The Canadian rapper has amassed millions of fans across the globe, his dad Dennis Graham being one of them. Drake has now got a fresh new face tattoo.

Drake seems to be all in for every form of art, from music to painting and tattoo art. He recently put a ‘Honestly Nevermind’ painter on the map after giving him a huge shoutout. Drake has now decided to ink his face.

Drake got himself a brand-new face tattoo, and he dropped it on his Instagram story. The photograph isn’t quite clear, but it can be seen that he got the letter “sg” inked on his face in lowercase. The “sg” stands for his mom’s initials ‘Sandra Gale’

Drake reveals he got a face tattoo 😳‼️

Drake’s 11th No. 1 album, “Honestly Nevermind,” debuted at the top of the charts. He is currently riding the wave after dropping the “Sticky” video last week while driving Virgil Abloh’s specially constructed Maybach. Check out his new tattoo below.

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