Trevor Bauer sued Hill in April 2022, claiming that she made up the damaging charges in order to jeopardize his career and obtain a payday for herself. His assault accuser has now fired back by filing a countersuit against the MLB Star.

According to TMZ, Trevor Bauer’s assault accuser is retaliating against the MLB star after he sued her earlier this year. In Los Angeles, she filed a countersuit for battery against the Cy Young winner. Lindsey Hill of San Diego filed a sexual battery and battery lawsuit in federal court on Tuesday, saying that Bauer punched and choked her twice during intercourse.

Bauer has always denied the allegations, maintaining that he and Lindsey had a consensual sexual relationship. The L.A. county district attorney’s office investigated Hill’s claims but decided not to prosecute the Dodgers pitcher. Hill argues in her newly filed civil lawsuit that her life has turned into a nightmare.

“My life has been turned into a nightmare by a powerful man who mercilessly battered her and counted on facing no consequences whatsoever for his despicable conduct.”


Lindsey claims Bauer had physical contact with her twice in April and May of 2021. Hill did not say how much damages she is seeking.

“Last year, disgraced Major League Baseball player Trevor Bauer violently and sadistically abused Hill in the most appalling manner imaginable, sexually battering and battering a defenseless woman.”

Bauer received one of the longest suspensions in MLB history, two years without pay, while not being charged criminally. He’d be able to participate in about 20 games of the 2024 MLB season. Let’s see what happens. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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