Trevor Bauer has decided to sue the woman who has accused him of sexual assault. According to him, the woman made up allegations to extract money from him and ruin his baseball career.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, Bauer is going to sue both Lindsey Hill and one of her lawyers, Fred Thiagarajah. The lawsuit was filed in California on Monday.

Bauer did admit that the two were involved in sexual interactions on two occasions. One interaction took place in April 2021 and then in May 2021. Bauer claimed again and again in the lawsuit that everything was consensual.

Lindsey Hill accused Bauer in 2021 and he has completely denied having any non-consensual sex with her. Bauer also denied choking, punching, or scratching her.


In the lawsuit, Bauer claims despite giving consent for “rough sex,” Lindsey filed a false police report against him in order to ruin his baseball career and to reach a financial statement with him. Bauer also claims that her attorney, helped her stage the whole situation.

Bauer also says that the two photographs of Hill’s alleged injuries are photoshopped and filtered to make them look worse than they actually were. Bauer claims in his lawsuit that he was filing in order to “expose and seek redress for the false and malicious statements and related conduct of Ms. Hill and Mr. Thiagarajah.”

Months after Hill made allegations against Bauer, prosecutors denied to press charges and said in a statement, “the People are unable to prove the relevant charges beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Bauer has been on administrative leave and has not played for the Dodgers since Hill’s initial allegations. Major League Baseball is conducting its own investigation on this case.

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