Hip-hop fans are still talking about the Young Money Reunion concert. For those lucky enough to attend the live performances, it was an amazing experience. Drake reportedly caught COVID-19, which caused a little delay. Eventually, he joined Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, two of his close friends and collaborators, on stage to perform some of their most popular songs.

Minaj and Drake’s shenanigans spilled over from the stage to social media. It was a spectacle unlike any other and Wayne announced Tha Carter VI there. In an Instagram photo, the female icon professed her love for Sandi Graham, which elicited a joking retort from Drizzy.

In this business, maintaining a lasting bond is difficult, but Drizzy and Minaj are as close as old friends. They enjoy it so much that even their parents join in. We all know how much Drake loves his parents by this point, but Minaj also enjoys spending time with his mother, Sandi Graham. Minaj jokingly introduced Drake’s mum in a video as her “ex-mom-in-law.”

I love you mama, you look beautiful. I couldn’t wait to see you and tell your son that…don’t speak to me no more.

Nicki Minaj also took to Instagram and uploaded a reel along with Drake recently. The two were hanging out and getting close. This is where Drizzy then admitted that he has massive love for Nicki and her fans, although her Barbz might not have always felt the same way. Check out the videos below.

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