Drake has been involved in mega project after mega project since he broke into the music scene. He has worked with a ton of industry greats over the years, including Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Drake is now praising Wayne and Minaj as the two greatest rappers of all time, and in Minaj’s case, in particular, it appears that Drake is making fun of her contemporaries.

The OVO honcho was performing in Toronto during the Young Money Reunion Tour. Drake paid tribute to Weezy, who is credited with discovering both he and Nicki all those years ago and launching their careers. Drizzy showered Wayne with praise and admiration, and he simply stood there gleefully and received it.

Prior to taking the stage, the fans were treated to a little joke from the 6 God. Words appeared on the screen that said Lil Wayne had problems at the border. The crowd gasped and some were upset, but then the message continued, “Luckily, Drake runs the border,” the message continued. Then the fans cheered like crazy as the Young Money reunion got underway.

Drake then started awarding GOAT titles for him. He not only gave Wayne the title, but also Nicki. Obviously, this is just Drake’s opinion, but it’s an intriguing justification for Wayne. The GOATs of hip-hop, according to some, may be Jay-Z or Nas, but Champagne Papi has made his choice.


Drizzy also referred to Nicki as the greatest, though presumably in the context of female rap. In her case, he actually mocked the idea that any other female emcee is comparable, claiming that Minaj is the inventor and the best to do it. That is also undoubtedly debatable.

Numerous female rappers before Nicki paved the road, and today, some artists are rumored to be on their way to the top, including Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, to mention just a few. Drake, though, is of the opinion that these two are the cream of the crop, and they received his approval in front of a sizable crowd. You may check out the posts below

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