Rappers using the n-word in their songs and non-Black fans repeating it, often with the justification that they can use the slur because of context, forces hip-hop to deal with this subject frequently. Rubi Rose recently decided to share her thoughts on this. According to the rapper, as long as there is no malice intended, she is fine with it.

A video of Rubi Rose has gone viral, reigniting the long-running argument over who is and is not permitted to use the n-word. In a chat with numerous people, Rubi Rose shared her thoughts on the subject of something that has sparked battles on social media. In the video, Rose asked the individual she was speaking to what race they were, speculating that they might be “Middle Eastern” or “light-skinned” based on their curly hair.

Despite appearing perplexed, the guy interjected and inquired about his ability to use the n-word. Rose responded that she didn’t mind despite the unanimous “no” from everyone else in the chat.

I’m personally okay with anybody saying it, as long as their intent isn’t to be rude. ‘Cause I’m sure you have a lot of Black people on your channel, you like Black music probably, so, as long as the person isn’t saying it with malicious intent, personally, ’cause I have Mexican homegirls and white homegirls who be saying it, I don’t care abou other people.

She said that if it’s out of admiration for Black music, it’s completely fine if someone uses the n-word. Rose also said that she is aware that not everyone would feel the same way. Check out the video below and drop your opinion.

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