Fred Durst is the frontman and lyricist for the nu metal band Limp Bizkit. The band was formed in 1994. With them, he has released six studio albums. The rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and director is now married for the fourth time recently.

According to TMZ, Fred reportedly tied the knot for the fourth time. According to their marriage record, Arles Durst and Fred were married in Los Angeles County. However, the actual date they were married remains unknown.

The actual marriage certificate is confidential. That is a thing in Los Angeles, especially among celebrities. The County Clerk, on the other hand, made public the fact that a confidential marriage certificate has been filed.

They’ve been dating for at least a couple of months. Back in May, his band performed in Pennsylvania, and he brought Arles out to slow dance to “Careless Whisper” before jumping into their hit, “Nookie.” Arles has also changed her last name to Durst on Instagram.

Fred’s third divorce from Ukrainian make-up artist Kseniya Beryazina was finalized in 2019. He got away with all of his music rights and residuals secured, despite having to pay off her car and divvy out spousal support. Fred was married to Esther Nazarov for three months before Kseniya, and he had a daughter with Rachel Tergesen.

We’re sending the pair our best wishes for the future. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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