Saweetie is an incredible performer, to the point that everything she does makes a lot of waves. The star recently threw the first pitch at an L.A. Dodgers game, which drew attention for an entirely different reason. Saweetie recently revealed that she stopped checking social media when she realized her brain had become “programmed” to check her phone,

Saweetie recently appeared for an interview with Kevin Hart for his “Hart to Heart” series. The “Icy Grl” hitmaker disclosed that she reduced her screen time recently after some “self-reflection.” Saweetie further added that her goal is to become a media company and she believes that being a musician has laid the foundation.

I don’t check social media like that no more. If you live for the Internet, if you live for social media, you’ll die by social media. That’s why I stopped checking for stuff. As someone who checked her phone each day, I caught myself a lot. (I wasn’t) conscious of going to Instagram or Twitter or social media networks. I wouldn’t even be thinking… (and) I would end up there. That’s how much my body was programmed.

My goal is to become a media company. I feel like being a musician is the foundation and I’ve been able to create a strong fanbase from that. But the next step up is becoming a media company. I love business. I believe that songs are a form of service and business is a form of service, I like them both. To house all the brands and businesses I create.

Although Saweetie isn’t concentrating much on Instagram right now, she has enormous intentions for entering the larger media market. Saweetie made a lot of noise on social media recently after a TikTok revealed that she tried to shoot her shot on one of her fans during Rollins Loud Miami.

The artist also recently launched financial literary classes for underserved youngsters via the Icy Baby Foundation. She posted about missing her boo on Instagram, but it seems she found a candidate to move on with. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more news.

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