WWE has invited many Superstars from other areas of entertainment, and Logan Paul took to WWE like a duck to water. It turns out that he feels this way as well.

Logan Paul made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, and he spoke about his emerging WWE career. He plans on balancing that with everything else that’s not involving wrestling. Paul said that he is training for his boxing again and think’s he’ll fight in December.

Paul spoke about the frog splash through the broadcast table at SummerSlam. He went into detail about his goal to create memorable moments for himself and the fans.

“I thoroughly enjoy creating moments that I’ll remember forever, but it’s much more important to me that I create moments that people watching will remember forever. When I watch that clip back, I watch the fans. Sure, I watched me a couple times. But I watched the reactions, man, and to see the WWE fandom, which is one of the most powerful fandoms in the world, it really is a family and a universe. To see them go from either not knowing or extreme dislike at the beginning of that match for me to by the end, they’re counting with me, hands in the air, taking pictures, phones out, you can’t write this. I can’t believe this is my life. I’m so blessed and thankful.”

Logan also told Pat that he wasn’t sore the day after his match with The Miz, stating that he’s working out a lot, and he couldn’t have been more healthy and prepared” for the match.

Paul went on to praise WWE as an organization, calling the company a well-organized machine. He has also leaned on Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan for advice, and he thinks he feels very welcome in the company.

“I truly feel like everyone at the WWE, the higher-ups all give me equal time, attention and energy. Yes, he’s helped me backstage. Yes, we’ve texted about certain moves or the audience. He gives me plenty of advice, but so does Steph, so does Nick, so does Kevin. Miz helped me a lot too. I’ve never felt more accepted as an employee, like I work for the WWE.

“They’re so good man. It is a well-organized machine, and I’m continually surprised by how much they can do. Effectively, too. Some of the sh-t they pull off is unreal.”

We’ll see what’s next for the multimedia superstar in Logan. Hopefully he’ll be back at Royal Rumble. It looks like he will stick around the WWE fold for a lot longer.

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