Kodak Black is one of the most polarizing rappers in the music industry, and he is also well-known for his controversial views. Kodak was thrust into the spotlight as a result of ongoing industry controversy. Kodak Black recently ranted about self-centered people that constantly ask for handouts.

Rap fans who were tuned in to the dispute with Kodak Black were captivated by clips of Jackboy’s conversation with DJ Akademiks. The two ex-friends were once as thick as thieves, but a feud drove them to go after each other online.

Jackboy lamented the broken connection, claiming that they were meant to be tight and produce money together, and following the reveal, Kodak provided some ideas on loyalty. Now, Kodak hasn’t said anything about his recent post being about Jackboy, but it appears that the rapper is angry with people who continue to ask him for freebies.

“People don’t give af bout what you did for them or all the good you do for others ! Soon as you say no to them for one thing you selfish and some more sh*t !!!”

The veteran rapper went on to say that he’s “out of favors” and is doing his best to be a good person, but he has too much going on in his own life to be a savior for everyone else.

“Everybody Blowing me up for help it seems like everybody want sumn from me !!!! BESIDES THE FACT THAT IM A REAL N*GGA AND MADE IT FROM NOTHING SO YOU GOTTA B PROUD OF ME , Everybody love me kuz I’m blessed wit some sh*t that can save they situations ! But not today I ain’t no dam water faucet dripping favors !!!”

Kodak then stated that his phone is “locked” until he handles his own issues, and that he will no longer tolerate entitled people who expect him to come through for them. Kodak has stated his position. What are your thoughts on Kodak’s reasoning? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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