Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one of the most divisive ex-couples in the industry. Their relationship dissolved, but they haven’t stopped making headlines together ever since. Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian might be split up, but that doesn’t mean she’s going back to Ye.

As the news of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s split spread all over the world, so did the idea that Kim and ex-husband Kanye West reconciled. According to Hollywood Life, that’s not happening.

“As seen by today’s hearing they are moving ahead with the divorce which will be finalized soon. She is not getting back with him.”

A source close to Kim revealed in separate comments that the reality TV icon and Saturday Night Live veteran broke up earlier “this week.” Kim was granted “single” status by a Los Angeles court in March, but the legal aspects of their relationship are still being sorted out. Samantha Spector, Kanye’s fifth lawyer in the divorce dispute, was granted her plea to be relieved as Kanye’s counsel earlier today.

“Attorney has shown sufficient reasons why the motion to be relieved as counsel should be granted and why the attorney has brought a motion under Code of Civil Procedure section 284(2) instead of filing a consent under section 284(1).”

“Attorney is relieved as counsel of record for the client.” The incident occurred during a trial-setting session in Los Angeles as part of the former power couple’s divorce proceedings.

Kim and Kanye met in the early 2000s and have four children. While Kanye was initially honest about his efforts to reunite with Kim, his subsequent remarks have put that possibility to rest. A source close to the SKKN skincare maven said that the former couple is getting along just fine without Pete, who is apparently filming a movie in Australia.

“Kim and Kanye are amicably co-parenting now and it has everything to do with Pete being away in Australia. Kanye is currently living at his house in Malibu and has been spending a ton of time with the kids. He has been over to Kim’s house on multiple occasions for dinner with the kids and he feels comfortable coming over to her place because Pete is not there. Kanye told Kim that he wishes Pete would stay in Australia, but he has seemingly come to terms with their relationship because, at the moment, it is not in his face.”

As a result, the rumor that Kanye and Kim were reconciling has officially been debunked. However, Kim and Pete were rumored to be talking about marriage, so the breakup was really unpredictable. What are your thoughts? Drop your take in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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