Post Malone is a massive fan of Apex Legends, and even says it’s the reason he got back into gaming in the first place. The artist has amassed a massive fanbase across the globe. Post Malone has now laid down the gauntlet while offering a fan $100,000 if they can defeat him in a game of Magic: The Gathering.

Live shopping site Whatnot recently made the announcement to the public. It’s an opportunity to compete against the “Sunflower” singer in a one-on-one game of the tabletop trading card game. The event is named “Mana Y Mana: The Post Malone Magic Battle.”

I absolutely love Magic: The Gathering, and I can’t wait to link up with Whatnot and battle it out with the winner.

think ya can beat me irl in #magicthegathering ? Win and you’ll get $100k. I’ll select my opponent live on the
app on August 4th at 6pm PT

#ad #battlepost #whatnot #manaymana

The event will be split into two sections. Malone will host a giveaway on the Whatnot app starting August 4 at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT, with a winner chosen at random to compete against him. By selecting the “Enter Giveaway” button on their screen, viewers can participate in the giveaway. The prize winner will be flown to Los Angeles for the main event on August 11th and will have a seat across from Posty.

Twenty individuals will watch the livestream on the Whatnot app and participate in discussion. There will be more special freebies, special visitors, and a $100,000 cash prize for the winner during the evening. Check out the tweet below.

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