Jon Stewart has become a major advocate for United States troops who served overseas. Stewart has been fighting tooth and nail to increase health care benefits for US military veterans. Now, the war of words between Jon and Republican Senator Ted Cruz over veterans’ healthcare has intensified.

Senator Ted first shared with TMZ that Jon has it all wrong. He explained that he supports veterans, but wasn’t down to support the bill that just went down in flames. He asserted that the Democrats were guilty of a cheap trick that would cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

The outlet first got an interview with Senator Ted at Reagan National Airport and asked about the GOP’s opposition to the PACT Act, a bill designed to expand healthcare coverage for veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxins during their service. Cruz said he actually supports the bill, despite voting against it because he says the Democrats were using it as a vessel to spend way more over the next ten years.

It gets super technical, but Cruz thinks the bill would open the door to allow Democrats to spend another $400 billion on programs unrelated to veterans. That’s certainly not the way Democrats and veteran groups see it. In response to Cruz’s interview, Jon Stewart called the politician’s comments “inaccurate, not true, bullsh*t” before systematically breaking down why his argument makes no sense.

“Now I’m not a big-city, Harvard-educated lawyer, but I can read. It’s always been mandatory spending, so the government can’t just cut off their funding at any point. No trick, no gimmick, been there the whole f*cking time.

Stewart reiterated, “this is bullsh*t” while calling out Cruz for voting for the bill in June before joining a large block of Republicans who switched sides even though the text of the bill remained exactly the same.

The comedian and activist closed out his message with the juxtaposition of Cruz “praising to the heavens our nation’s fighting men and women” and a clip of him “fist-bumping his Senate colleagues after removing those same veterans’ benefits and healthcare for toxic wounds.” You can check out his tweet below and savage video below.

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