DaBaby was allegedly involved in a shooting at Miami’s high-end South Beach in 2021. The horrific incident left two people were injured. The rapper was released without any charges after being questioned for hours by Miami detectives over the shooting incident allegedly involving his entourage.

Now, DaBaby’s Miami Beach Police interrogation video has been released. In the clip, the rapper can be seen being interviewed in relation to the shooting that left two injured. The interrogation took place last June in South Beach after a shooting took place outside the restaurant Prime 112. 

DaBaby was questioned by police, but he was eventually released and not charged with any crime. The newly released footage shows the cops spoke with the North Carolina rapper for about an hour. He was reportedly held in the same interrogation room for around 12 hours.

DaBaby can be seen in the video, claiming adamantly he only shot in self-defense after two men attempted to steal his entourage’s vehicle and shoot him outside Prime 112. He also pushed back at the officers as they try to ask if he was carrying a weapon at the time of the shooting.

“It sound like y’all trying to incriminate me, ‘Did you know that you committed a crime?’ I did not commit no crime.”

Elsewhere in the lengthy exchange, DaBaby refused to sign his Miranda rights document out of fear that the language used might imply he’s a suspect. DaBaby went on to say the aggressors whipped up and tried to “hit” a friend of his with their truck. Once DaBaby saw what was happening, he tried to get back into his SUV and doing so claimed he saw the aggressors were armed. That’s when he fired off the shots. You can check out the whole interview below.

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