Kim Kardashian has been receiving a lot of flack from fans who think she’s lost way too much weight. Kim began to slim down before going to the Met Gala earlier this year. Since then, she has been showing off more and more weight loss.

Fans on Reddit have been tearing into Kim Kardashian. They believe she’s a hypocrite. This comes after an old video of Kardashian shaming the ‘Too Skinny’ trend during an appearance on Tyra Banks’ daytime talk show.

Tyra could be heard talking about girls who wear a size 12 or 14. Kim interrupted, asking, “But do you really think that skinny is cute? I don’t.” Now that she’s on her extreme weight loss journey, fans are taking Kim Kardashian to task.

“Wonder how her friend Paris felt about this. Kim is one of those girls that adopts the personality of the person she’s talking to so they like her.”

“I feel like every time women talk like this about skinny women and act unbothered, they’re usually extremely bothered.”

“It’s so strange that Kourtney is the only one that actually looks like herself now.”

Kim Kardashian has stated that her approach to weight loss has been healthy. Not every Kardashian fan buys it. Time will tell if Kim’s weight loss continues to add up.

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Michael Perry

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