Harvey Weinstein recently had his horrific assault conviction upheld after an appeal. Possibly desperate to get out of a jail cell, the disgraced producer is now trying to get back into a courtroom. Five years after news reports of Harvey Weinstein’s dark sexual reign of terror first surfaced, the stench of the “Weinstein Effect” is still pervasive.

The shocking new book “Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence” by author Ken Auletta delves deeply into the unflattering reality of the disgraced film producer’s demise. Witnesses claimed that he smelled of feces, had genitals scarred to the point they “looked like a vagina” and a back full of “uncomfortable” blackheads. The author recently spoke about Weinstein to Fox News.

[He] had some notion in his head that his body was attractive. He really thought he was God’s gift, a Don Juan.

Auletta spoke to multiple former Miramax film studio employees, Weinstein accusers and even the former film producer’s business partner and brother, Bob Weinstein, for the exposé. The renowned media critic for the New Yorker magazine described how Jessica Mann, an ex-actress who claimed Weinstein had raped her, said in court testimony that he smelled like “poop” and had “deformed” private parts.

The Oscar-winning “Shakespeare in Love” producer is currently serving a sentence of 23 years in prison after being found guilty of rape and sexual assault and having an appeal to overturn the verdict rejected. Auletta also explained to Fox News how Weinstein’s victims were reluctant to come forward because they feared retaliation from him.

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