Zendaya has been enjoying Hollywood fame since a very young age, and her popularity has skyrocketed massively since she was cast in the HBO drama series, Euphoria. The American actress was recently featured on the Vogue Italy cover. Zendaya recently cut her finger while cooking and had to get stitches for the first time.

The Spider-Man actress might be headed for more Emmy wins, but it’s unlikely that she’ll ever hold the title of “Top Chef.” The “Euphoria” star recently cut herself while cooking and had to receive stitches. She shared the ordeal on her Instagram story, stating why she doesn’t like cooking.

See now…this is why I don’t cook.

Her manicure was still intact when she captioned a picture of her bandaged pointer finger. The 25-year-old actress posted a picture of a doctor suturing her severed finger with the caption “Update.” The actress posted a selfie of herself later that day holding up her stitched finger while sporting a white tank top.

Baby’s first stitches lol back to never cooking again❤️

Darnell Appling, Zendaya’s aide, who accompanied her as she received medical attention, was tagged. Uncertainty surrounds what Zendaya was preparing at the time of the event, and an inquiry for comment from Page Six was not promptly answered by her representative. Check out the pictures below.

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