Zendaya’s star has undoubtedly risen ever since appearing in the Marvel Spider-Man films alongside Tom Holland. The 25-year-old actress also appears in the award-winning HBO drama series, Euphoria and has sent fans into a frenzy for her contributions to creating the soundtrack for the show. Fans have loved what she’s done so much that some of them have wondered if she’ll ever entirely go back to just being a pop star instead of an actress. Well, according to Zendaya, that won’t happen anytime soon.

While chatting with Variety, Zendaya spoke about her music career and why its taken somewhat of a backseat to her acting career. For Zendaya, she loves the anonymity of being acting. The ability of choosing the projects that interest you the most while also still connecting with many people around the world.

I was talking to Sam [Levinson] about this earlier. I was like, ‘I don’t know if I could ever be a pop star,. It’s because as an actor, there’s a level of anonymity that I get to have, which I really like, and I get to sort my stuff, whatever that is, through a character, and nobody needs to know about it.

Zendaya also added that playing a character allows the audience to focus on the story of someone else and not specifically her. It’s a nice thing for actors to have, the opportunity to wear someone else’s face and make it come to life in a way. In other industries, that sort of anonymity isn’t quite allowed, as Zendaya explains.

in other forms and other mediums, it’s all you all the time. I like the idea that somebody else, meaning Rue, gets to take on that stuff.

Andrew Garfield seems to understand quite well. The actor shot his first Spider-Man movie for Sony at the age of 27 playing a character who was still in his tweens. And yet, fans saw Peter Parker realize on their screens. Garfield was able to shed away his personal self in order to bring the iconic comic book character to life. For Garfield, his work allows him to fulfill a sense of purpose.

My life can be meaningful outside of this, but this feels like a form of purpose

Zendaya released her debut album in 2013 and has featured in the works of many other artists. While she does have a lot upcoming acting gigs in her future, one can never say never to a potential return to the music industry for such a talented individual. Whatever the case, the future does look bright for Zendaya.

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