Britney Spears has been celebrating in her newfound independence since her 13-year conservatorship ended. A lot has transpired in the pop star’s life; she married Sam Asghari on June 9th, after dating him for five years. Britney Spears recently faced a dangerous situation and cops were summoned to get her to safety.

It happened when Britney Spears ran out of gas in the middle of one of the busiest roads in Los Angeles. According to law enforcement officials, the 101 southbound third lane was reported to be blocked by a white Mercedes. The incident occurred at approximately 10 PM on Tuesday, just north of Balboa Boulevard.

According to the TMZ, Britney was in the backseat of a passing car when they arrived. After the California Highway Patrol was able to stop traffic, Britney sat in the passenger seat as an officer took the wheel of her Mercedes and steered the car as it was pushed to safety.

According to reports, Britney told police that her car broke down in the middle of the road because she ran out of gas while travelling. Officers waited with Britney until her husband Sam Asghari arrived to take her up, according to the police. Britney reportedly thanked the officers and stated she was fine.

Britney Spears and her husband also moved into a new home, marking another milestone in her life. The couple thought that she was expecting a bundle of joy, but they sadly lost that pregnancy. Stay tuned to Thirsty to get latest news and updates.

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