Britney Spears has been celebrating in her newfound independence since her 13-year conservatorship ended. A lot has transpired in the pop star’s life; she married Sam Asghari on June 9th, after dating him for five years. She also enjoys keeping her fans up to date on her personal life, which she did lately.

Spears on Sunday took to Instagram, to post a photo drop for her admirers. She went with an interesting series of pictures as the singer held a baby in her arms. She also spoke about her emotional connection with children. This might also hint that she is having baby fever.

The photographs show the 40-year-old singer in an outdoor garden area, wearing a bikini and sunglasses and smiling while carrying the infant. She accompanied her post with a lengthy caption, where she goes on to describe how she feels around babies.

One of those loves of your life in 3 hours … the family was like … when is this woman gonna leave !!! I didn’t … I stayed … Good God a beautiful family … I played ping pong with their 4 year old boy … He was so pumped … like he had swag at 4 … not good with names but I remember his was Henry !!! Reminded me of when mine were that age … I literally wanted to fall on my knees !!! The small baby was eating pink Play-Doh but the mamma said “You can actually eat play-dough” … I thought she was messing with me !!! She told me to try it … so I sat down with this beautiful family and ate pink Play-Doh !!! I thought the family was from Europe … they were from Chicago where I used to get my favorite jeans !!! This baby looked up at me like she saw angels !!! Children are mystical little beings … she was literally in her own her little world !!! I could see it in her eyes … I connect with her world … that’s why children are so special !!! They are so innocent and pure … It’s awakening to something people can’t explain !!! It was magic … holy … mystical … breathtaking !!! When I looked into this 6 month old baby’s eyes … I held her for forever … I have two boys … my back came out like it all came back !!! That’s love I believe … I melted with this beautuful girl … A day to remember … I left eventually But I think she liked me because she still emails me !!!

Spears has worked hard on her mental health, and she also keeps her physical health in check. For the past few days, the singer has been routinely sharing moments from her honeymoon with her 40 million Instagram fans.

Britney Spears and her husband also moved into a new home, marking another milestone in her life. The couple thought that she was expecting a bundle of joy, but they sadly lost that pregnancy. The newlyweds might still be trying. Fans are excited to see how the singer’s life unfolds in this new chapter. You can check out her post below.

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