Britney Spears has been enjoying freedom since her restrictive conservatorship ended. She is savoring every moment as she and her husband Sam Asghari spend the next two weeks in a tropical paradise. The pop diva recently went to the beach and made the decision to take off her bikini top in order to pose in the sand and surf. Of course, this is just another instance in a long history of Spears taking scantily clad photos.

In order to maintain her modesty, Spears confidently strolled towards the camera while cupping her girl with her palms and wearing only her bikini bottoms. She wore huge sunglasses to protect her eyes from the glaring sun, and her long, golden blonde hair was worn down. Spears took to Instagram to share the footage of her daring display.

Part 2 of the Honeymoon here in this unbelievable tropical piece of paradise … No this is not a girls gone wild campaign … It’s simply me living my life !!!

Britney Spears was also wearing a silver chain around her neck and a black choker necklace. Spears slipped her toned curves into an aqua-toned bikini that had a skimpy triangle top and string bottoms for her and Sam’s beach day. For numerous hot video, she knelt in the shallow water while wearing both pieces of her suit.

Spears smiled brightly while posing and rolling down her bikini bottoms to reveal more of her stomach. Later, as the waves poured in, she was seen submerging her full body in the shallow water without wearing a bikini top. Check out her Instagram post and photos below.

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